Thursday, 25 October 2007

Telegraph article up.

I suppose a few have you have read the daily telegraph article on their website -

There's a lot of half-truths in that, probably the reporter not understanding.

"Computer equipment and documentation seized from his home, his place of work and his father’s home"
Only OiNK's home equipment has been seized, his father's laptop was also taken, as well as OiNK's xbox!

"was contracted to work as an IT consultant for Virgin Media’s contact centre"
He was not contracted for Virgin Media.

"The website’s server, based in Amsterdam, was closed down by Dutch Police last week."
The servers have been up and running fine until Tuesday morning, a few hours after OiNK had been arrested in the UK.

"According to users, Oink had a daily throughput the equivalent of five million songs and registered members were able to download around 1,000 songs."
The site did not transfer any songs at all, and the number of songs for users were in no way limited.

"leaked on an OINK site"
There only was one site.

"Users were offered the chance to buy a range of branded merchandise"
Merchandise sold through did not get us any profit, all items have been sold at bare minimum. OiNK saw no money of this.

“Music so good it could make your tail curl”
The banner slogan at the time of the shutdown was "because moo just does not sound right".
We had other slogans long before that.

In other news, Xevion IRC got hit by some botnets last night -- hard.

They handed out a ton of bans, I'm sure it was interesting for them to say the least.

At the moment irc:// with port 6667 is stable, however that is NOT an SSL port. The SSL port is 6670, if you feel like trying.

UPDATE: Userlimit was needed, please try later if you get a channel full message. Also we had to add a key to join, which is 'bacon'.


Anonymous said...

Can't someone get this shit right?

deek said...

Could you expect anything less from mainstream press? Oh, wait...

deek said...


Anonymous said...

When i was at OiNK for the first time the slogan was "Music so good it'll make your tail curl"... That just changed after the new banners got there.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, indeed as anon says, surely Paine would know that the old slogan as "Music so good...". This kinda puts me in a position to question if this blogger had ANYTHING to do with OiNK?

Paine said...

That was the first slogan, yes.
After that came "blow you away" then finally, the slogan on shutdown, "moo didn't sound right"

Anonymous said...

seems some total noobs run this blog, give us some real news finally and tell us when OiNK is back you stuffed animals!

Anonymous said...

OiNK PLEASE GET MEDIA ADVICE!!! Stop talking to journalists without media advice!!!! "if i would not have robbed this bank someone else would have done it" makes many points with a judge!!NOT,,,,,,,blame it all on the users! after all the users pirated the stuff not you!

Andre said...

Paine - is this article in todays Telegraph or is it just online?

Anonymous said...

"seems some total noobs run this blog, give us some real news finally and tell us when OiNK is back you stuffed animals!"

stfu you ignorant fool

Paine said...

From what I've heard, only online.

Anonymous said...

what's the deal with the irc channel it says u need a registered nickname to join?