Friday, 26 October 2007

Notice about OiNK Memorial

Contrary to what Bacon Phat is implying, OiNK Memorial does not have "insider information."

OiNK Memorial relies solely on guesses, assumptions, the distorted truth of the media, relaying public information, and this blog. There is nothing - nothing - official about OiNK Memorial.

You'll also notice they have banner advertising, so they're making money from this. Not cool.

Edit: yes, the site is the same scam site being ran by the guy(s).


Anonymous said...

Is this referring to the OiNK Memorial Forum?

Paine said...

The blog, not the forum. The forum has a lot of the mods signed up and lurking.

Anonymous said...

but oink memorial is still a great source for all of us who don't have the time to search for oink info all over the internet heh.
and it has fan arts, which make us feel good :)

Snipe said...

I don't see the point of this. They have already stated that they're not saying anything official, and they quote things along with the source.

I still don't see the point.

Woodenhead said...

Good job on this, Paine - it's muchly appreciated & needed.

- Woodenhead.

Paine said...

Snipe -- Boletus just wanted to clear it up.

Anonymous said...

I only and read the news from here and here only. There is no 'insiders' unless they are the party involved. IE. OiNK and his staff! Srsly. No believe anything, unless it is posted here.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Paine. Great blog.
- Nepenthe

Jimbo said...

Yeah its bullshit, they have an image of a pig in jail, saying its OiNK? Sure its joke, but its a retarded one. The man was released on free bail.

I much prefer the hydra image, thats fucking shithot. :)

p.s. Cheers for the t shirts, I got me a black one with the red music revolution logo.