Friday, 26 October 2007

Another reminder about scam sites

Once again, we do not currently have a donation fund for OiNK. Don't give money to sites like oink (dot) cx (dot) la -- They're probably just another site trying to make money from you. Again, none of the old staff are affiliated with this in any way.

edit: In case I wasn't painfully clear, nobody but the admins had access to the databases and code. There is no way for a site like to have them. The reason why they're saying they won't give a URL until November 1st? They don't have one. They're taking in as much money as possible.

EDIT2: Comments are now moderated
Spammers from were littering the comments, all comments must be reviewed by myself. I realise this doesn't look good on my part, but I have to do what I have to do. I'll still let you have your little fantasies about the RIAA and government coming for you though. ;)


fake site said...

I like how you say "it is confirmed by at least 2 sides"... who?

Stop spamming your scam site.


Anonymous said...

that site redirects here:

it's utter bullsh*t...

Anonymous said...

I just want OiNK back and if they have the databases they are my #1

Even if its just to read the old forums and dig into the good old times

user said...

yep, these guys are full of shit

Anonymous said...

Donated $10 lets see if I get the new URL for oink before Nov 1

Anonymous said...

the mods dont have the userdata? then why this blog? whats the use? piratebay re-opend after only 2 days!

Paine said...

The admins had the userdata. This blog is to clean up some of the crap floating around the internet about this whole ordeal.

Anonymous said...

Earlier you posted you DONT have the userdata. then you deleted that entry.suspicious?

Paine said...

Zap edited some of my comments earlier, I haven't deleted any of my posts.

The admins had the user data, right up until the site went down. The moderaters never had the userdata.

I have no idea what TMT has done with his backups, and the police have OiNK's. TMT would not resurface randomly to give the userdata and databases to some random guy from the internet.

Anonymous said...

if you want to be fool and join up at (

go ahead, but your a fool
listen to paine and ride out the storm....

Anonymous said...

i dont know how got the userdata but maybe they could break into the riaa servers.

Anonymous said...

QUOTE: "There was post by an ex-admin on bitme forums but it got deleted dont know why, but he confirmed it."

1. Wrong. It was a topic posted by some newbie member about donating to oink cx la. Everyone else who posted on that thread declared oink cx la to be a scam.

2. Wrong again. The post was not deleted it was archived.

Sheez, pay attention.

Anonymous said...

if is a scam where do they have the userdata from?????????

Anonymous said...

It's interesting that there are so many seeders and leechers while there's no tracker.


Anonymous said...
is an isp, can't see anything to do with mysql/php hosting...and it's in deutschland,
das ist nicht so gut ;)

Anonymous said...

Stop spamming your scam.

daisy said...

really, what bollocks. you've got to be pretty thick if you donate to that shit site

Anonymous said...

Many german warez pages run on and domains you can change the redirection instantly.

I guess they dont want to reveal the real url yet, but earlier they said they host in sweden!

Anonymous said...

They didn't even have enough of a brain in their heads to edit "Seeders" and "Leechers" to 0.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and it magically changed to almost none as soon as I pointed that out and told them to stop spamming their site!

Who'd have known.

Anonymous said...

why do you make this blog? make another oink! thepiratebay was only off 2 days :(
why are oink mods so lame?

WakuWaku said...

We should have a trash section for those silly spammers :-)

Anonymous said...

> why do you make this blog? make another oink!
> thepiratebay was only off 2 days :(
> why are oink mods so lame?

Because you douche, they have no server, they only have OiNK and he is not doing anything and that's fine.

Yeah, I miss OiNK too, amazing how "addicted" one gets to sites like these and the community around them, but for now it's gone.

And yeah, the is a scam, if they really wanted to get all the old members back they could use the email address everybody used to sign up to get in touch with them.

Anonymous said...

Much thanks paine for some authoritative word in the sea of FUD accompanying OPP's demise. Keep the info (even if only informed opinion) coming.

Most comments here are so inane, I'd hate to have been Alan fielding questions in that IRC chat.

"Are you a Vegetarian?"

"Can you recreate my ratio at your news site?"

"Will there be Xmas leech?" (aka ExLax) is bullshit, ppl. Exercise some patience.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree to the long post above.

ThePirateBay took only 2 days to come back.

How in the world can OiNK let them win by not coming back?

Anonymous said...

it's hilarious watching all you scammers hyping up a site that's obviously a fake.

if you have the torrent database, which username uploaded the live widespread panic concert from loveland, colorado 10/13/2007?

just as I thought, you're nothing more than scammers.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

if you have the torrent database, which username uploaded the live widespread panic concert from loveland, colorado 10/13/2007?

26 October 2007 10:10

Sounds like LordShaft --in unguarded moment-- to me. ;-)

Mark said...

Maybe OiNK and The Pirate Bay can be neighbors ... whenever The Pirate Bay gets its act together and buys its own nation-island. Oh, what an utopian state that would be!

rocktorrentz said...

Sorry if this is classed as spam but I didn't know where else to ask. On the server with my nick registered (+r) I get a "[#oink] Bad channel key". Is the channel now private or is there somewhere else so discuss OiNK?

Paine said...

/j #oink bacon

Anonymous said... is a SCAM

Click on the donate button which
they just changed and you will see that it is a FAKE PayPal site that is PHISHING your email and password

The PayPal site still has as the URL and is NOT secure
There is NO lock or https
Its a BAD FAKE Paypal site

All this was recently changed after I pointed this out on Bitme
That post is in the ARCHIVES
The ammount donated was changed as
well as the whole text and layout


Jimbo said...

Hey Paine -

On the chance that OiNK gets charged with having a website that allowed people to link to copyrighted material (or whatever bollocks charge they wrapped it up in), and a fund gets set up, I think you should start selling that OiNK music revolution image on black t shirts to also raise cash. As:
a) it would look fucking mint.
b) I want one
c) it would raise cash for OiNK

Do it!


p.s. good work on the blog

Daisuke said...

I second Jimbo's idea - Viva la revolucion!

I'd probably buy a couple for myself and friends.

Anonymous said...

oink dot cx dot la is now down

Anonymous said...

"oink dot cx dot la is now down"

I am told by a German reader that they are down for exceeding their bandwith.
It is a free website after all. They will have to pay to come back which might identify them.

Anyone complain to yet?


If you were stupid enough to try to log in go and change your Paypal passsword now and inform them what happened.

franglais said...

Hi. My name is TMT/Oink. I have the all the user data of Oink, prq, and bitmetv. Oh, also I screwed Uma Thurman, Madonna and Marilyn Monroe. Oh, also I'm the love child of George Washington and Reese Witherspoon. And did I mention that I have ALL the user data of OiNK? You have to believe me, 'cause I said so.
so please, send cash to my address:
White House, D.C., USA

nadca said...

franglais makes a good point.

Anonymous said...

One notable scam site has been busy updating their front page to make it look more professional (doubtless reading comments posted here and elsewhere).

Their moles seem to have learned to write English better as well. Perhaps one of them downloaded the Rosetta Stone torrent from OPP before they were booted.