Wednesday, 7 November 2007

And now, in the interest of equal time, here is a message from the National Institute of Pancakes:

It reads, and I quote, Fuck waffles.

No. Really. Fuck waffles. is the torrent site equivalent of Halo 3. Overhyped, mediocre, and surrounded by a cloud of fanboys so thick you'd need a chainsaw to cut through it.

I've been wanting to say this ever since they started with their crap, but I've had the decency to keep my mouth shut until they've had a chance to get off the ground.
They've had their chance. I've seen nothing but fail come from them and their users -- "Expanding the hydra" does not involve roving around the internet screaming "WHAT.CD SUX! LIBBLE IS FOR FAGS! STMUSIC? MOAR LIKE STD LOLOLOL".

Ever since they first started their site, they've been lying their fucking asses off, and I'm getting sick and tired of it. I'll start with the most obvious one.

Their name. They claim to have had that name in the works for months... despite their URL ( not being registered until AFTER (renewal date of 28th) the homepage of was changed to have the link to brokep's blog (dated 27th oct) with the collection of what to use sites.

Soon after that, they began asking old oinkers to "confirm they were a member" at Those of you who've been paying any attention at all lately will know that there is no fucking way in hell that they could've "confirmed" anything. Any idiot can forge an email, and any other idiot can forge a passkey or screenshot. The fact is, they have *NOTHING* to confirm it against, as guess fucking what, they didn't have the passkeys, email addresses, or any other things to "confirm" it against. So yeah, good job on that one.

Next up, their lies about the "DDoS" attack. They fucked up and tried to blame it on someone else. Gee mister smart arse running the site -- perhaps raising the announce interval away from 30 seconds might help, you daft pricks. Just where exactly did you pull that 90 mbps figure out of anyway, cause it sure sounds like it came out of your ass. Let's not go into the other major fuckups they have all over their site... like maybe SQL injection vulnerabilities. Posting users passhashes on their front page... yeah. Great admin work. TB Rules Broken, anyone? Maybe it's just this claim in invite emails that's stopping people speaking up -- "IMPORTANT: has been in development for less than a week, [...] trackers like have been in the pipeline for months". That statement about is so full of bullshit it's unbelievable. Making cheap shots like that at other trackers is just uncalled for and isn't a hallmark of a good site... unless they're making fun of Demonoid.

Their vague attempts at officialism, ripping the text directly from the rules page without understanding half of what they were talking about -- half of their staff (you know, the ones who don't have the balls to be listed on staff.php to provide help and support when users need it) couldn't spot a transcode if it walked up to them wearing a t-shirt saying "I'M A TRANSCODE!" and bitchslapped them with their own hand. Their claim of having an excellent reputation for catching cheaters was the icing on the cake there, though I must know how exactly they plan on catching invite sellers without certain members of the staff we had.
Pop quiz hot shots, I get invites from 20 people around the internet more than happy to invite me. I signup a dozen fake email addresses with various providers, and get each of them to send one to a different email. I then sell the invite URLs on ebay. How are you going to catch me, them, or even the inviter? Oh wait.

Let me make this painfully clear: I shit on, almost as much as they shit on their users. Any confusion regarding the matter should now be completely and utterly annihilated. This is My (Paine's) opinion, and my opinion alone -- I haven't conferred with any of the other old oink staff before posting this, because frankly they'd probably try to talk me out of it.

Thanks for the repeated harassment on IRC by the way, that's what really made me want to do this.

In other news, Canapial's done it again.

Just to fan the flames of hatred, I'm turning off comment moderation just to watch the fanboys, invite beggers, idiots and spammers, come out in force. I'll turn moderation on when I wake up again, and you'll see why I've had it on for so long.

Edit: A reply from one of their staff

Regarding the name, it came originally from a project "wafflehat"
which we later merged with our team. We registered the domain name a
bit late, but whatever. Don't believe me if you don't want to, but we
didn't name it after the "waffles" posting on

This entire project stemmed off of our love for what oink was. Hence
our intention was to adopt the oink community. It takes alot of work,
to sort through thousands of emails and make sure screenshots aren't
fake. Yes, fakes get in. The fact of the matter is the majority of the
people that get invited were in fact oink members, or great new
contributors.The system isn't perfect, I know.

That "90mbps" figure for the DDoS attack was, in fact, pulled straight
out of dead1's ass. Notice how he isn't on our team any more? We
wanted to distance ourselves from the scriptkiddie bullshit he brought
to the team. Not to mention, if we were going to have a staff member
call the wired journalist, it would be TO REMOVE THE FUCKING ARTICLE,
not make it official.

We're tying our best to replicate oink - we are copying a lot of the
rules exactly. Our staff obviously isn't final, but we have a couple new ones here that know what they're doing, they've been downloading a shit load of torrents
to check for transcodes already. I don't know where we've claimed to
have an excellent reputation for catching cheaters, because we
certainly don't.

I think I actually failed to consider that way to sell invites. I
might have it reduced to one invite per new user, instead of two.

There's been a lot of hype around to replace oink.. and it's turned
sour mostly. So much bullshit flows through the irc channels, oink
memorial forums, and blogs., libble, etc and waffles members
have smeared each other in public places endlessly. All I can really
say is this is out of our control. There are two goals to this
project: To replace Oink as the most convenient place to get any album
ever at full download speed in v0.

The second goal would be to better the musical community. Corny I
know, but hear this out. I've spent time speculating the future of
online music downloading with a couple other staff members, and we all
agreed that we want to push towards websites like these being legal.
What with NIN and Radiohead already releasing their music for free,
it's only a matter of time before bullshit record labels become
obsolete. We could have artists officially support having their albums
available on, and give them control over what the users see
& hear... all speculation, yeah.

My point being, none of this is to steal the glory from the death of
OiNK as the replacement. Newport was kicked from the team because
that's what he was here for.

So I don't know why you would hate us, other than the fact that the
amount of hype has splattered shit in the feces of large names such as
yourself. Running your blog, the only website left with any "oink
officialness" left, I can only imagine what you've dealt with.

Make up your own minds.


Anonymous said...

get owned waffles.

/me shits

Banana said...


good read :>

Nate said...

Its pretty brutal, but the fact is that he speaks the truth. Waffles is just another OiNK wannabe, its not exempt from our scrutiny. Nothing is a true replacement right now, and if Waffles turns out to suck, people will leave it.

We all know it, but the true OiNK replacement hasn't been built yet. As good as waffles could be, it will never be a true replacement. Neither will What.CD. So don't get too caught up in fanboyism just yet, there will be more to follow them.

Anonymous said...

waffles blows the balls of every tracker in existense. they will never be 1% as good as oink

Will Farrington said...

Damn right Paine. Damn right.

Anonymous said...

good job, paine. <3s

skullyzero said...


Anonymous said...

Say what you want about Mr. Paine, but he sure knows how to speak his mind.

Brutal, some may say harsh, but truthful in many respects.

Anonymous said...

I like this. Oink was one in a million and some other site claiming to be that never will be :) YAY!!!

Anonymous said...

Cool man. Probably right in most of what you've posted.

When something has the CD's I want other then on, I'll go with the flow and switch trackers. Until then, biting the bullet. doesn't have what I want. OiNK only had it when I invited a friend of mine who was an artist in the genre of what I want(ed).

Until then, I'll go for whatever tracker has the music I need. Thanks.

Chesterville said...

Hahahah nice one. Points noted.

Psylight said...


I love how both the sites couldn't even break 10k users without failure.


desertonfire said...
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desertonfire said...

I love you.

The general attitude in the waffles IRC chats made me not want to join. has had its problems so far, and sure, there aren't a ton of torrents so far, but from what I've seen, there seem to be a lot of dedicated users who are patiently dealing with the server issues and diligently uploading their old OiNK torrents. what has been up front and honest about all their issues and, for the most part, I'm pretty happy considering the extreme circumstances. nothing is going to replace OiNK in a matter of weeks, and I honestly hadn't expected to have any sort of replacements up and running so quickly. we should all appreciate the efforts that are getting made instead of belittling people to try to attract traffic to one site over the other. OiNK was a community, and nobody is going to rebuild that atmosphere by spitting venom. just my two cents.

Anonymous said...

They haven't really handeled their start very well. Their invite-list is a joke, and the oink-proof-mails is just ridiciolus. Sigh.

However, I hope the site gets better with time and more users.

Anonymous said...

Both and are riddled with bugs and downtime.

But the main difference is indeed the attitude. The admins are in it to build a great torrent community. while the admins are in it to make their penises seem larger.

and to be fair, Quote:
"We have a zero-tolerance policy with cheaters, and an impressive reputation for catching them"
Taken from

anonymousryan said...

You don't know shit. Pancakes aren't nearly as light and fluffy as a good Belgian waffle and they don't have the pockets to hold syrup!

Dmitri said...

Finally somebody speaks up!
But I guess someone neutral needed to do that.. and you are in the best position to do so.

While on, mods close all the threats addressing that turn into hate talk... just gives more and more fuel to it's members and non-members to being "unfriendly". at least tried to stay out of this, and this is why I'm proud of this site, community and the staff.

m3unit07 said...

paine it's a fucking site
chill out
no need to get so worked up about it
whether it be or waffles, neither can be as hyped or live up to what OiNK was, but at least both sites are trying, regardless of problems they are running into right now.

however, one thing I agree with you on is that we shouldn't be putting down the other sites that let in oink users, like funkytorrents, stmusic or libble.

Anonymous said...

Quite a lot of hate there, Paine. Most of it should be directed towards to the users. Given the huge amount of hype surrounding the site, I think the staff's been doing a pretty good job so far (with a few exceptions of course). :P

Anyway, I'm a waffles member. Promising so far. Haven't been disappointed yet.

Tommy said...

I'm happy people like you exsist paine. You fucking kick ass and you are right on the money.

There will never be another OiNK, but hopefully we can all work together to create another good music community.

Anonymous said...

Maybe so, maybe so...

But as an ex-OiNK staffer, you must know how many people reviled you and your site.

So maybe they are on the right track!

I kid.

I look at it this way:
They can only get better...
because they can't get worse.

So we'll see.

Anonymous said...

lolol wow it looks like someone hit pains nerve. wow. i think he is still mad oink got taken down and seeing replacements. go cry home to mommy

Anonymous said...

sigh. just another person with a blog and wrong information. again...

jstf34 said...

waf·fle (wŏf'əl)


To speak or write evasively.

Good work Paine.

Anonymous said...


Chameleon said...



I'm guessing you're more than a little pissed about something? (people annoying the hell out of you about both post-oink sites would be my guess). Relax, have a beer, and enjoy your time on the interwebs

Waffles Staff said...


Anonymous said...

enough talk

when will Oink be back online

Anonymous said...

I'm a member of both what and waffles and am not going to bash either but a lot of the good things happening at Waffles I would say is due to them using the name Waffles AFTER oink mentioned it.

This topic needed to be touched on by someone reputable....Thanks Paine

Anonymous said...

maybe they should have tweaked the tbsource before they went live..?

i completely agree with the "proof of oink membership" thing, it's complete bullshit. it's just an attempt to make the site "exclusive" and "important."

oink wasn't exclusive but it was important, i don't know what waffles is trying to do.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for speaking the truth. I've been trying to tell people about being garbage, but they think I'm a n00b.

Also, I'd like to point out that the "OiNK Memorial" forum has EXTREMELY MODERATED COMMENTS. They want a certain opinion to form based on the responses to their articles. I'll leave it up to the end user if they can figure out which opinions I'm referencing.

Ex-OiNKer, my $0.02

Anonymous said...

"While on, mods close all the threats addressing that turn into hate talk... just gives more and more fuel to it's members and non-members to being "unfriendly"."

Sorry, but it's people like YOU who continue the war, because I know for a fact I haven't seen any hate on forums. In fact, an admin posted about the situation telling everyone to stop it, to chill and to say we're both working for the same goals, support the hydra. It is people like yourself who make up this bullcrap that keep it going, because someone reads your comment and actually believes it. Show me where mods are encouraging bashing on the forums and I will shut up. Until then, you should.

I have no hate for
I don't use it, but that's because I'm already using

There's no reason for their to be a fight, and theirs no reason for people to continue spreading lies like this. This is how rumors get started, and how the flames are fueled.

Is # of torrents the most important thing? said...

I've checked out an absurd amount of trackers after the post-OiNK wake, and I'd recommend people stay away from waffles...unless you're eating them.

I've found a good community in Libble (they have been around since 2004) and seems to be growing rapidly and trying to not encourage the battle between themselves and other trackers. I think STmusic is decent too, but their design and layout is pretty atrocious.




You know I'm right!!!1111111

Anonymous said...

the guys taunting paine for speaking his mind aren't helping waffles' case... you guys are just making the site look even worse.

Sebastian said...

Paine, you're nothing more than a troll - several of the things you just said were not true (the name waffles/wafflehat was picked before the incided/dead1 lied about the ddos on wired etc...). And you have to remember people come to your site for news and not for opinion.
It feels like you're just trying to dissuade people from enjoying themselves on the newer site. What's your reason for this?

Anonymous said...

Excellent blog today, Paine.
These are interesting times, no doubt. Sometimes it's hard to believe that it's only 2 weeks since we lost Oink.

Anonymous said...

Geez..Waffles isnt that bad. They are both brand new sites cut em a lil slack. I doubt OiNK started out perfect... has had more issues than waffles anyways. They opened their gates without the hardware to back it. Atleast waffles was smart and limited invites until they had proper hardware in place. And while they were waiting they worked on the site unlike because they couldnt even load their site.

You're using this blog for the wrong thing. It started out as an oink blog to give us updates about oink and now you're flaming sites with your personal issues. honestly you need to grow up... we all lost oink... move on Paine move on you're out of power.

btw im not rooting for either site. im here to share music and keep it alive. im a member on both sites. BUT from what i've seen waffles has the most potentional once all their kiddie staff issues are fixed.

take care

Anonymous said...

I'm laughing my ass off at these posts.

"Waffles suck because they bash other trackers!"

How hypocritical.

revz said...

you can still check the staff members on the users.php page. they are just working on the staff page.

a former oink mod is on their staff, so i guess he likes it.

all the bashing is normal for me, now. they are trying to be teh replacement for oink. even though it'll perhaps never happen, they are trying their best!

i myself prefer waffles over what because i feel better there.

daisy said...

oh hai can i has wfl invaits pls nao?

Scott said...

I've spent some time in both Waffles (and What's) forum and I can tell you that Waffles is a lot more than the handful of intolerant assholes you came across on IRC. What comes up frequently and I've never seen a derogatory comment made by anyone. The general consensus is that there's room for everyone.

The proof of Oink membership thing was/is a dumbass move, as were a lot of their early actions, but come on, I've never seen a new tracker that didn't make a few mistakes. Didn't you make mistakes starting out?

None of these new trackers know what they're doing. That's obvious. You know who does know a thing or two about this stuff? Uh, you. Instead of cursing these people out, you could be helping them. If, for legal reasons, you don't want to have direct contact, that's fine, but you could certainly introduce these people to others with knowledge to impart.

m3unit07 said...

To whoever posted this
"Also, I'd like to point out that the "OiNK Memorial" forum has EXTREMELY MODERATED COMMENTS. They want a certain opinion to form based on the responses to their articles. I'll leave it up to the end user if they can figure out which opinions I'm referencing."

Are you shitting me? Extremely moderated? Believe me, if the OiNK Memorial Forum was extremely moderated you would know about it. The staff there was just sick of "oh can I get waffles/what/generic music tracker invites" threads popping up, so they condensed it into subforums for the different trackers. The point of that forum is not to "extremely moderate" posts into forming a certain opinion about issues, but to allow former OiNK users a place to gather without having to be on a tracker or such.

Also, those certain opinions you mentioned are in response to the overwhelming spamming for invites, like Paine apparently has been a victim of (insert single tear here), and it was made official that spamming for invites would result in a ban, and that was left open for the community to comment on, not to form one opinion.

Get your facts straight before jumping off-topic from Paine's Waffles rant and bashing a place that allowed you to find out what was happening with the OiNK community in the aftermath of 10/23.

Anonymous said...

i hope waffles gets raided.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Maybe you`re right in all your points(I can`t judge because I don`t know the facts) but is this a need to be so hateful?

I think both site staffs trying to make their job done well. Like ordering new servers, bugfixing, moderating, layouting...

What I`m missing in your article is: What shall the users do? Now many people looking for alternatives and take what they get because nobody want`s to go away empty-handed. It seems to me that the site this article is about become very famous. Without any rating it`s a factum. So I think we have to look how the things gonna develop. Making this comment(I mean mine). Making your blog we are also intensify the hype.

I just think it is a pity that the users(I`d never been to oink) don`t give the other old sites a chance which have allready a better working site, a well-rehearsed staff and a community.

So what shall I do....I`ll wait...and I`ll delete all Blogs, IRC-Chans from favourites...and I`ll sit down and try to think about more important things.

Please excuse my english. It is not my mother-tongue/native language.

Anonymous said...

All of you (including you, Paine) need to take a chill pill and enjoy your music.

Shadeslayer said...

bakipWell I totally agree with Paine. The whole Waffles site is bull and they will never be up to the mark of Oink. But that's not what theyre tring to achieve. The point behind Waffles is to act as a place where people form Oink used to go. The attitude of the Waffles guys is the most annoying though. It's like they made the site to just show off and not to actually provide torrents. Let the site grow and probably it might make a good site one day. Same to .

hacker! said...

chillax dawgs, we ain't playin!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

An ex-OiNKer, I recently joined Waffles. I believe that the most important point is that 1000 torrents have been uploaded in less than 5 hours on that site. This amounts to a shit-load of music. Community is obviously important also; I believe that this can only grow stronger as more and more people want to belong to this site.
The file-sharing world must not fight each other - there are enough other people out there out to get us already.

Anonymous said...

kid, you sound like a dick. it's a fucking internet website offering free shit and you're crying like a little faggot. shut the fuck up dude. wow

Simas said...

I mean seriously, what is wrong with you? Why so harsh on this extremely young tracker? Why not wait like several months before you blame them of something? Sure, trying to substitute oink is not an easy task, as Oink was a very well respected site, and may be shin shouldn't have brought it on himself, but hey he did. And he is obviously dealing with this fanboysim BS from his staff.

Oh and btw, all this stuff that oink was a very friendly place? Don't believe it anymore. Not a word of it.

Anonymous said...

i hope i got a waffles invite and it went to my spam folder

kyle said...

The music is out there. Everyone can get it somewhere. Nothing has 180k users yet. Give it time.

Too bad everyone seems to have missed the most important part of this posting: Canapial's image. That's great.

Anonymous said...

I'm hoarding as much stuff as I can from waffles right now.

If it remains decent, then I'll stick with it. It's been alright so far. It's a new site, so give it a chance.

Anonymous said...

Everyone just needs to chill, man... Waffles.FM is a great site, with a lot of people doing lots of uploading on lots of fast lines...

Also, I doubt they can even be raided. I'm pretty sure their new server is

Anonymous said...

So, Paine, that must be the veeery reason OiNK is often hanging around as an op on Never seen him on tbh. Too bad.

Sean said...

I agree give what and waffles a chance,, because unless oink comes back, one of those two will probably be the replacement eventually

Anonymous said...

People are only flocking to Waffles because of the name and the obvious link to the message on was there the day OiNK died, is the original post-OiNK tracker that came about to give the shocked and wandering OiNK members a place that in time, they may be able to call home.

Waffles and it's members are merely jumping on the band wagon and generally being fanboy faggots.

VivaGardner said...

How is this post any different than what you are claiming the staff at Waffles was doing (bashing the other trackers?) ?

It's not.

The fact is that it's running smoothly since they upgraded servers and invites have been opened now. It has already hit 16000+ torrents and now there are going to be many new users. It's not perfect but it isn't a shit-hole like you're trying to make it out to be

Squarepants said...

"(you know, the ones who don't have the balls to be listed on staff.php to provide help and support when users need it)"

Haha, I said pretty much the same thing about them before finding out the delacct page didn't work.

To all the fanboys; you lose! Enjoy having a shit tracker with retarded staff!

brianindallas said...

Fuckin Dugg..

Anonymous said...

" was there the day OiNK died, is the original post-OiNK tracker that came about to give the shocked and wandering OiNK members a place that in time, they may be able to call home." forked from wafflehat (aka., dumb shit.

MattieTK said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
TMM said...

Legend. >

Long Live FLAC on the intarwebz

Anonymous said...

Personally I don't care about what or waffles. Oink is gone and I want a site or multiple sites to fill the void. So, whatever site does that best is what I'm going to use.

So far I am on 3 new torrent sites, and I know other people who are doing the same.

It's going to take a little time to figure which site or sites can actually cut it.

Screw this macho bullshit about one site being better than the other. It's ridiculous. Either way, Paine is entertaining and that is why I continue to read his blog.

Anonymous said...

Waffles is a trap.

Use What.

tre said...

i can be sympathetic to a point: they are still a placenta-covered-new site. both what and waffles will take time to develop. once they've been around for a few more months i think we'll be able to see their true colors. until then lets just chill, is it really that important anyway? everybody seems to be going through oink withdraw and we're all fiendin' hard so lets just take our methadone and sleep it off.

Anonymous said...

Neither of them are really that professional yet....

I just hope that by the time they get some real servers they're good enough that their users will actually support them.

Anonymous said...

Paine, what the fuck dude. What a shitty post.

Anonymous said...

sure, maybe it sucks.
more than anything, i just want to see it for myself
anybody got an invite to either waffles or what? Libbles okay, but these other ones are so hyped up im curious.

biomat said...

WTF?? so now we have battle of the REAL trackers? its funny and stupid. like kids having best toy.
fuck it...i think the point is to make the ONE AND ONLY tracker and not thousands of "we are the real shit" ...the arguments of "fuck" writer are to laugh ...hes only liking and hes mad about waffle because hes better known or somethin...pure stupidity... im asking whats the point????
waffle has normal rules, its fastly filling with lots of quality relases so whats the problem? admin is a noob? or or or or thier domain was registered really late??? FUCK YOU

Anonymous said...

Jealous much? Too bad noone really cares what you think, Paine. You're yesterdays news now.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

how about some solidarity? this kind of idiotic competition reminds me of the narrowminded, ego-driven crap these sites are fighting against, hm?

you've lost track of the enemy. is waffles in trouble? how about offering some helpful advice?

effortless said...

great work Canapial!

Michael said...


You have proven yourself to be a worthless piece of shit. You're a balding drunkard who has nothing to do but talk about stuff that has nothing to do with you. get a life moreon.


Anonymous said...

I very much so agree with what you've posted here,

OiNK wasn't built in a week; and to be quite frank I'm surprised you're here alone trolling what's left of the community opposed to helping out.

It's unreal that one in such a previous staff position of OiNK would not take the time to research the facts himself (you slipped up there, buddy).

Although the worst thing is that one would expect someone like you to understand what goes on behind closed doors in relation to trackers such as this one.

Quite shameful.

Tommy said...

^ Yo douchebag, he didnt slip up, an | yone can write some dumbass attemp | to get out from under the gun. Fact of the matter is, we are still trying to keep a community, not divide it. Waffles flames, if anything they are the ones trying to destroy a community.

It must get old people mudslinging ya

Anonymous said...

You're all faggot cocksuckers.

Anonymous said...

Waffles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fuck Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Paine you're a troll and a hypocrite. I hope you die in your sleep.

Mike said...

Wow. To the many idiots above me, way to act like mindless drones and start the flames.

"Just to fan the flames of hatred, I'm turning off comment moderation just to watch the fanboys, invite beggers, idiots and spammers, come out in force. I'll turn moderation on when I wake up again, and you'll see why I've had it on for so long."

My favorite response thus far that falls into that is, "get a life moreon."

Now for the rant. Paine, I see where you're coming from, but the waffles staff does seem to be trying to cool off a bit, and is getting rid of some of the staff that shouldn't be there. Their bugs are being ironed out fast, and the future looks bright for the waffles.

On a non-serious note, I DO prefer pancakes over waffles. But don't tell anyone ;)

Anonymous said...


I can invite 2 people there, who wants?

Anonymous said...

It is true that waffles got rid of some of the staff for being pricks. This was on the front page news of waffles the day before Paine's blog post.

"Show/Hide A Sad Day. posted by shinikaru on Nov-06-07
Now is one of those godawful times where I am forced to bring you wafflers bad news. Beau has resigned. For his own reasons, Beau will no longer be apart of the Waffles Staff.

I need to make it very clear that this is different from the other previous staff removals of Newport and Dead1. They were removed from the staff without their choice. The waffles staff is not disappearing one-by-one; in truth the frequency of this happening is all coincidence.

I'll still be here, people. So will our fantastic staff. Waffles will rise.

- Shin "

Now, if the site can recover from the bad publicity and security/code issues, then it has a chance. Mainly, I worry about it's security.

Anonymous said...

I want an invite please.

Liam said...

So, if Paine is willing, my mouth is wet and open.

Jared said...

you're the best.

also... do you want a what invite, mr. p?

tre said...

everybody needs to just cool out.

who. fucking. cares?

why am i even writing this?

Anonymous said...

Looking to trade a Pedro invite for a What or Waffles invite.

WakuWaku said...

I was on OINK and STMUSIC.

I 4 sure do not care about w. and w.
ST Music is doing a good job.
For the time being.

Patience my friends. Things are going to change. Or at least have to.

Join the torrentcommmunityboards. Let the musicindustry know what we need and what's the best. Write articles etc. to press and politicians etc. Radiohead and Trent are pioneers but we were first. Remember that.

So do not follow the hype of some "kids" trying to "imitate" OINK. Thats not possible in that way. It will not bring back the magical spirit and the real purpose of the case is more important.

Sites will get taken down, again and too bad. People will be sented to prison. As stupid as it sounds.
Better fight that instead of each other.

We need a good representative for "us". Like TPB and OINK are doing. BTW no news about BOINK ?

Ryan said...

Guess what? go check out, their invite system got set up last night, is Phenominal. a perfect OiNK replacement. check it out, dont be mad cause you didn't get an invite. So far with only a night's use, i've been more satisfied with this website with 1.56 mb/s downloads than i ever was with OiNK, of which I used for YEARS.

Anonymous said...

I got 9 waffles invites. PM me if you want one!

AshokanKid said...


OiNK is GONE., RIP.,

Almost ANY thing SUCKS now., face it.,

Thanks to Paine and anyone else who is trying to KEEP IT REAL and move forward (the folks at What, Waffles, Oink Mem., etc).

It has been said that OiNK was not built in a week., or TEN weeks probably.,we have a LONG way to go before there can or will be another (even CLOSE to) OiNK.

Let's give this all some time and work together to make the MUSIC & Community happen again. Did it once (Thanks OiNK) and can do it again.,

Meanwhile it can't hurt for everyone to continue to grow and learn and perhaps even be a little humble. Macho crap is HISTORY and totally UNPRODUCTIVE.

Long Live OiNK~!



A said...

Greedy pigs fighting over free shit.

First! I MISS OINK! It was the bestest thing that ever happened to music aside from music itself.

I love my private trackers (stop being stupid listing shit all over the place). But you kids act like its someones obligation to hand you everything for free. Spoiled brats. You should have been around when people were trading tapes over snailmail.

Havent been to either what or waffles, but the little I see here is enough to understand why paine would post an entry like this. I would build up alot of anger and frustration too having to listen to spoiled brats whinging, begging and stirring shit. Why the war? Thought sharing was caring???

/A, Sweden

BarrySmeth said...

Nice Nice rant paine, couldn't get an invite after all eh? Nevermind. Not really too sure how a self important tirade about how shit a site is strays away from the perported nastiness between the sites you seem to dislike so much... but hey. At least we all know how you feel now eh?

Westbam said...

Wow Paine, you are my Hero (well, after OiNk offcours), BUT, this kind off attitude is exactly the oppostite off what made OiNK such a great place.

Respect and Cute-ness.

I am not on What or Waffle, but still don't devide this community off lost souls, take a holliday m8, you earned it and you can use it!!

Anonymous said...

wow you're a cunt paine... its a fucking site, geeky twat

Josh said...

LoL @ unmonitored posts. You guys are retards.

Liam said...

it's just a blog entry about a site anonymous, why do you care, geeky twat

Anonymous said...

Paine is a female guys.

I think this post is completely offbase and the information is second hand. Sure, the opening of Waffles has NOT been as smooth as all the former members of Oink would've liked.

The fact is, its up, and they're trying. There's a few dipshits that made the first few days annoying, and the initial invite givign out was fucking stupid, but aside from that, its growing nicely and there is a community forming from the ashes of Oink. Nothing will replace Oink, but Oink is dead and there's nothing any of us can do about it other than start new sites.

Get over it Paine. Waffles is FAR from perfect, and is nowhere near what Oink was...yet.

At least people aren't getting sniped anymore by over-zealous cunts like the e-male and TMT for absolutely insipid reasoning. The staff of Oink had their cunt moments all the same. Quit playing the holy roller.

Barry said...

Lol, wtf. Paine is not a female.

Anonymous said... gets knocked out by a guy on a blog, and their response? Firing a staff member, and putting all the blame on him. These guys should be politicians.

The sysop's words may seem polite, but it's their actions that count, and so far, almost everything has done has been shitty.

Anonymous said...

thanks again for your sorting out the facts, I did right not try to prove my selves a member since im the conspiracy type.. its so smart really to send screenshots along with your email to some people claiming not to be the music industri.

Flame wars are often an ass but you do the right thing! Keep up the good work, and that illustration was the best so fare, love thoes.

Anonymous said...

I was okay with Waffles until they stopped controlling their growth rate, reopened invites, and started up free leech. Now the userbase has exploded, people are chain inviting, and I'm no longer interested. This has been handled very unprofessionally and certainly not in the image of OiNK. I'm going to wait it out for a more controlled and strict site to emerge before I put my faith in any private tracker.

Anonymous said...

Paine has to be making a shitload of money from selling oink merchandise. Why don't you use some of that money to reopen oink instead of whining about new sites?

Anonymous said...

Someone please send me a waffles invite. I was a power user on oink and can help the community out with my nice library.

Anonymous said...

....shame shame.

Anonymous said...


shame shame.

Anonymous said...

That invite seller has been dealt with already.

Anonymous said...

"Paine has to be making a shitload of money from selling oink merchandise. Why don't you use some of that money to reopen oink instead of whining about new sites?"

Because he doesn't get any money, noob.

Anonymous said...

^Complete bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Way to erase any credibility this blog had...

I am very dissapointed

waffles=honeypot said...

for all those thinking waffles smells like honey, you're not far off. i've got inside info (i work in IP law)you'll want to get out...but wait..the del acct page doesn't work...hmmm :)

Anonymous said...

" gets knocked out by a guy on a blog, and their response? Firing a staff member, and putting all the blame on him. These guys should be politicians."

dead1 left 2 days ago, dumb fuck. Check your facts next time.

sal said...

woo hooo that was one hell of a post. good to see some balls in action and thanks for warning me away from waffles

Liam said...


jesus christ, read up. you blame him for not checking his facts, then you say stupid shit like that.

fucking idiots, my god

spades69 said...


FFS.... I didn't even bother reading all of the (at the time of writing this) 112 comments.

I can understand the frustrations. We're all feeling them. I don't like being without an OiNK site and have been trying to wait patiently for either or to pull together and set the pirate ships on course.

I'm still not a member of either and I'm not about to beg people for invites. I'm sure my time will come, but it's frustrating when I don't have that replacement. had a community that was shattered into thousands of pieces. Trying to re-create it in a matter of weeks is a rather tall order to fill. The optimum choice would be for it to come back on its own. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like that's going to happen. That leaves us with groups of people, both good and not so good, trying their best to take advantage of the situation in different ways and for different reasons.

We had a site that was cultivated over the course of three years. It's going to take some time. For now, I have to agree that neither of the frontrunners are up to our standards. Hopefully in the coming months, they will.

Anonymous said...

Ok this blog has now officially become a joke. I am no longer going to bother checking for updates about OiNK just to be greeted by Paine's personal vendetta.

I dont particulary like either, I think that the site is ran by a bunch of idiots & children, which includes many of their members. Now this blog unfortunately has found its place alongside it.

All I want is somewhere to quietly live alongside the music.

Grow up and step away from the computer.

Anonymous said...

I could probably write a thesis on 'why the internet shouldn't exist' based solely on the responses to this article.

If someone told the guy who invented torrent trackers they'd be subject to fanboy bullshit flame wars...

Exeter said...

I spent some time on the waffles IRC. I've been kinda hanging out in the background trying to decide if and when I want to get tied into another "community". All it took was about 5 minutes to make my mind up that those guys were nothing but a bunch of elitist asshats. They just seemed to want to make people jump through hoops for their own perverse pleasure.

Anonymous said...


jesus christ, read up. you blame him for not checking his facts, then you say stupid shit like that.

fucking idiots, my god"

Trust me. He definitely is making money. The couple photoshopped pictures he posted doesn't convince me otherwise. I wouldn't be surprised if he has made close to $8000 by now.

lamar said...

Please Paine, could you moderate this site, as you did Oink!

Some of this comments are just plain ridiculous!

Viva la Oink!

Anonymous said...

Stfu. You're worse than the riaa. You want our freedom of speech taken away.

Anonymous said...

"They opened their gates without the hardware to back it. At least waffles was smart and limited invites until they had proper hardware in place. And while they were waiting they worked on the site unlike because they couldnt even load their site."

funny... waffles is the site which had massive amounts of hype and a countdown for their "opening".... yet their site failed miserably when they tried to let the public in... yet they were smart? what part of informing 15k users that your opening a site at midnight... and then not telling them your only letting in 1000 is smart exactly?

meanwhile at that point... and their silent launch & invites already had 6k users testing the site and had already added one new server....

Anonymous said...

waffles reminds me of the spring Kurt Cobain died, and how everyone in the following months started a band and then always claimed they were into grunge from the start.

remisser said...

This post sounds extremely bitter for such a trivial topic.

Liam said...

"Trust me. He definitely is making money. The couple photoshopped pictures he posted doesn't convince me otherwise. I wouldn't be surprised if he has made close to $8000 by now."

This is absolute horseshit. He has made absoltely no money, and the pictures prove it. It's stupid to be suspicious like this, what's the point? Did the US government also do 9/11? Ugh.

Patrick said...

I definitely believe that OiNK was more than just a place to pirate music. All in all, there are many sites out there that offer music. Albeit, without OiNK, I can't find a lot of music I would like to have, but I really miss the forums. I was very sad when I couldn't jump on the forums and ask some questions about good headphones and synths that I really needed to know about.

If the community isn't there, it's no good.

Chris said...

He shits on waffles as much as it shits on its people.

A lot of the comments here are clearly coming from idiots or little children. Paine is saying something some of you can't seem to get.

The fact is, waffles isn't any better than other trackers just because it absorbed a lot of old oink members. That's a side effect of a good site, and NOT the other way around. There's a reason why people flocked to oink in the first place, and this is what Paine rightfully takes pride in.

Waffles is trying to take over what Paine and crew helped build, by flaming other trackers and taking a snobby attitude while not showing a single thing to back up all the talk. Is this how oink got on its feet and grew? Is this the type of house us oinkers want to move into?

If the foundation of the house is weak, and the walls are made of glass, it doesn't matter how many celebrities or big important people you try to house in there, it will eventually all fall down, easily.

Until then, stop talking, take the time and effort you need to build a nice strong foundation, and open your doors. Everyone eventually finds out where the party is at.

Anonymous said...

someone wrote:
I have grown slightly frustrated at this whole invite clusterfuck of, but I completely understand that it takes a little time to get a quality tracker off the ground and things are not going to be 100% in the first few weeks. paine's opinion is crap and seems more like sour grapes than a valid argument against using who really gives a shit what he thinks? really?

I have been following this whole scene since the fall of oink. the wafflehat/waffles project was started well before the pirate bay did their joke. I guess paine was not paying attention.

I do think dead1 was quite childish in talking to and handing out invites for those that made pictures of them holding signs that said "waffles >" - that is quite lame when there are thousands of legit users that want to be invited and have to wait.

I like and I think I will like once I get invited. paine seems to be just another jaded internet wanker that is growing increasingly irrelevant as other trackers develop where oink fell...and without him.

Couldn't agree more. Wanker is perhaps a little harsh though...

phaiel said...

i wish that you, paine, were a little less critical of things. though waffles is not oink and i cannot say myself that it is yet a good community, but it has promise. it is sad that you reduce your argument to the fact that people have slandered, libble, and stmusic internally. the rational of your argument is not unfounded, it is fairly logical, and i see that you have a great attachment to oink and miss it dearly. oink is gone paine, it's most likely not coming back, so if you want the community that you worked so hard to create to still exist even after the fall of oink, then you should provide any assistance that your experience may provide.

above all else in your blog that i am disappointed with. i am disappointed with the fact that you do not put any constructive criticism in the content. your criticism is exclusively limited to destructive and stagnant.

you enjoy the music community and you want it to prosper? then help it prosper, dont try to destroy any effort that come along to replace the fallen oink in any way possible. the image i get of your effort are a man on a battlefield who just saw the greatest warrior fall at the hands of the enemy, you stand above him making a speech in the middle of the battle also within this speech slandering anyone who continues to fight.

oink is no longer important. yes remember oink, but not for the place it was, but for the fight that it fought and wants you to keep on fighting.

Brokecore said...

You're a cunt.

I had fun watching your pasty cohort getting shackled by the law.

Shame, should have ended in prison sodomy.

You're just bitter 'cause you failed to manage your tracker properly.

Guess you've still got your lame blog to post your estrogen riddled rants on.

Anonymous said...

Where is your tracker? Oh.. right. I'll stick with Waffles as is provides me with music as opposed to pissy rants.

Anonymous said...

^ Lmfao.

Tsolless said...

1) Paine is, I believe, a chick. I bet half of you would have slightly more "moderated" posts had you known that.

2) Waffles did indeed do plenty of bashing. Any mod that bans the word "" in their IRC and tells users to snd in pics of them saying that waffles owns

3) IRC is a piece of shit on waffles. I hate the waffles IRC. Mods (I'm not sure if this is true after some mods left) would often set +m just to do retarted commentary. Also the word banning and bashing.

4) Paine has made no money. You're fucking idiots for thinking overwise.

5) Paine was a good mod on OiNK. I bet half of you got banned by Paine because of your stupidity. I nearly got removed from OiNK. I had my posting rights stripped but... I deserved it.

6) Yes, they did ride the hype wave. They did. Any site that has a site with a fucking count down and as soon as OiNK mentions waffles they say "Hey! That's our name!" Is riding it.

7) Both sites had/have hardware problems. However is telling the truth not claiming they got DDoSed.

8) (I can't think right now)

Anonymous said...

>>Where is your tracker? Oh.. >>right. I'll stick with Waffles as >>is provides me with music as >>opposed to pissy rants.

you mean the greatest tracker in bittorrent's brief history? and and libble and stmusic might someday come close to cumulatively equaling what 'his tracker' was. if any of them gets close on it's own, it'll get taken down to.

Don't blame Paine for the most successful music distribution system ever created getting shut down.

What do you honestly expect to read when you go to the blog of the former members of the OiNK staff, which happens to be the only official outlet for OiNK information? You think you're going to get entries that cast aside the memory of OiNK (you know, the greatest tracker created... the one that was still around 2 weeks ago...) and provide a truly favorable opinion of some over bugged and under regulated spin-off sites?

I think if you really believe that OiNK is gone and it's time to move on, the first step is to stop reading this blog.

That's all, have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

The only reason dead1 ded the interview with Wired, was to have them retract previous info that was bad publicity and wrong facts. There are logs on the internet, where you can clearly read where the OTHER staff members we're wrong, even if he was wrong in some of what he did.. check this out:

Straight from google;

Also, more logs and quotes on another blog, showing Shinikaru saying "Post a pic of you doss'ing"

Morons. They all blamed it on dead1, he sent me my invite and i got his fuckin back.

Anonymous said...

[01:26] Beau: that way we give them the image we're the far more mature

[01:26] Beau: that way we give them the image we're the far more mature

[01:26] Beau: that way we give them the image we're the far more mature

[01:26] Beau: that way we give them the image we're the far more mature

[01:26] Beau: that way we give them the image we're the far more mature

Holy shit, anonymous, you've got to be shitting me.. good thing Beau quit his job, though.. arcticsunburn ftw. I guess? He drew the cute characters.

Anonymous said...

This is nerdier than fucking buying Star Trek shit on eBay you fucking British nigger. You are talking shit about a website lol you fucking faggot jew. By the way you're incredibly ugly, and what the fuck is waffles anyway? Why don't you go shit on your fucking face you dirty nigger

Liam said...

wow, haha

Anonymous said...

"This is nerdier than fucking buying Star Trek shit on eBay you fucking British nigger. You are talking shit about a website lol you fucking faggot jew. By the way you're incredibly ugly, and what the fuck is waffles anyway? Why don't you go shit on your fucking face you dirty nigger"

I completely agree with this.

Anonymous said...

I love you, Paine. I would tell you this on the IRC but I cba to open xchat. So.


Anonymous said...

"This is nerdier than fucking buying Star Trek shit on eBay you fucking British nigger. You are talking shit about a website lol you fucking faggot jew. By the way you're incredibly ugly, and what the fuck is waffles anyway? Why don't you go shit on your fucking face you dirty nigger"

E-thuggin HARD.

Anonymous said...

paine big ^z man, there are many things wrong besides the points u listed that ppl wud never have figured out. id bet >50% of ppl who read this dont kno wut whois let alone what an sql inject was. Beau's fellow admins flipped wen his info was leaked, but they made me sure that waffles was a joke.

thanx for updating the community of true ex-oinks and keep it up :D

Anonymous said...

"I'M A TRANSCODE!" what actually be a cool t-shirt heh :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting this. After OiNK went down, there was such a sense of optimism, but now it seems people are willing to settle for any site that waves invites and spreadsheets in front of them. I don't want to settle though! Thanks for not giving up.

Anonymous said...

Chill the fuck out dude. You should be supporting these torrent sites. Of course waffles isn't a fraction of what oink was, but so what? Honestly, they are doing their best. We are all in this together. Relax.

Daniel said...

"These things - satellite television, this Internet surfing - are with us whether we like it or not. They are means. They can be used in a beautiful way. It is as if you were riding a lion - you should be strong enough to tame the lion, or it will eat you."

~ Veer Bhadra Mishra, quoted by Alexander Stille in his New Yorker article "The Ganges' Next Life" about the pollution of a river that is supposedly a corporeal manifestation of a Hindu goddess (and the consequences thereof)

reservoir_duc said...


seriously? we are simply trying to fill the black hole OiNK left. Either lead or follow. dont sit on the side and piss on those who step up and do something about it.

stephen t. c. said...

i love how the people who're calling paine names only have the courage to do so anonymously.

you're making us ALL look bad when you start using homophobic terms.

i'll wait for boink to come out before i even consider going onto waffles or what. hell, i've got invites from both sites but after reading all of these comments, especially about the ones saying that you can't delete your account on waffles, i'm staying away.

Anonymous said...

terribly amusing

Arsi said...

"I love you, Paine. I would tell you this on the IRC but I cba to open xchat. So.


dude becky! it's arsi! leave me your msn in the comments in my freshly set up blog. i have moderation on so i'll just read the comment but won't accept, so no one else can read it

VivaGardner said...

It not fun losing respect for you Paine but this rant is so hypocritical that it's hard not to.

How are you contributing to the future of music sharing? You set up a great site here for people to find OiNK gear, but that is all you have done. At least some of us have tried to start something new and have continued to share. I haven't snatched one of your uploads, Paine.....

VivaGardner said...

People need to stop posting anonymously.. You're all a bunch of cowards. If you have an opinion, whether it be in support of what Paine says or not, you should be posting your username.

VivaGardner said...

We all obviously miss OiNK and the great admins and staff there, but times change.

OiNK plans no return, so it's the past.

phaiel said...

oh and just to clairfy. did say they got ddos'd. and by ddos on both sides ( and it means that their own users and people just going to the site overloaded the servers with queries making them freeze up or go down. neither of them (waffles included) mentioned a ddos "attack"

Anonymous said...

and this person was a moderator?

Jesus christ, the admins on oink really were fucking clueless when it came to judging people's character.

glad to see the back of idiots like this. It's possible we may have a whole new brand of idiotic mod to deal with on what/waffles, but anything is better than all those angry, depressed geeks that wormed their way into positions of authority on there.

HoboTime said...

I am not going to say I agree with you Paine, but I do understand where your coming from. did create all the hype and then didn't realize what they were doing until it was too late (Honestly keeping the tracker announce at default...), but Rome wasn't built in a day.

All these users that are freed up are really overwhelming for a lot of the sites due to the sheer number and the lack of technical ability on some parts of the admins. It really isn't their fault that the tracker integration code is no longer actively maintained or shared. These things really detract from creating the "hydra".

Eventually if all the sites do stick around and find someway to integrate or fill a certain niche, they will prosper. Until that time though, it is going to be a very bumpy ride.

Anonymous said...

You're probably right but you're a douche anyway.

Anonymous said...

This is all bullshit. Let all of the music download communities download in peace. All the whiners are whining because they weren't invited.

And if you are on one of these sites, why the hell are you bitching!? Shut the fuck up.

Thank you and good night. :-)

Kyle said...

this is a hell of a line. haha.

Making cheap shots like that at other trackers is just uncalled for and isn't a hallmark of a good site... unless they're making fun of Demonoid.

Anonymous said...

Paine I have lost all respect for you and gained respect for the way waffles staff replied. they could of easily stooped to your level and didn't.

people are leaving comment here about staff acting like kids but in my opinion its every one here including you paine!
it should be about the music and the community and not flaming posts.

people don't jump on the band wagon! check waffles for yourself!

krofh (yes, from the waffles staff) said...

wow, Paine... talk about brutal. I mean, sure, have an opinion, but still... we're just a site, trying to provide some music for the community again. Within less than a week, we already have over 24,000 torrents, and are just about to pass up STMusic. We had > 6:1 torrent:user ratio before we opened up invites publicly, because of the way we were trying to rebuild everything. Seriously, we're trying here. If you want to bash us online on your blog behind the security of the Internet, feel free, but I sure hope you have more maturity in real life.

Anonymous said...

Whoever hacked the site is a coward and a piece of shit. The end.

upallnight said...

Paine, I vote to turn off blog comments completely.

Bosbeetle said...


alt404 said...

yeah this is all nice, but when it really comes down to it...

i am going to go to the site with the most (good) torrents. quality and quantity.

so far waffles has been getting a steady inflow of old oink torrents (quality), and has at the moment 24,500 torrents up. way more than, or any other comparable music tracker... and it has way fewer users than any of them too.

so unless something else has more music that is of the same quality, or until waffles stops growing, it is the place to be.

thats all

Anonymous said...

i think so far stmusic has been pretty good just needs more scene rippers

Anonymous said...

Good Job Paine - someone took down with an sql injection exploit. You just had to go and brag that their code was so good. You shouldn't speak for everyone. There is no need to fight the war FOR or any other tracker besides your own. staff has said repeatedly they will be happy if they lose the popularity contest.

Anonymous said...

Awesome. You could have also thrown in the hype machine that was Manhunt 2. Talk about a disafuckingppointment.

Anonymous said...

I greatly respect paine, but all this warmongering must end. Why it has turned into lord of the flies all of a sudden I don't know.

CooDy said...

I agree with many points in the text. But the fact of the matter is that - be it or or any other private tracker site that tries to go down the road of Oink - they try to bring back what we all miss. They might not be perfect and they may fail. In the end we (the users) will make the choice and choose a tracker that is the best.

I understand the nostalgia for Oink, I still curse and spit over what happened. But in the end the deed is done, nothing will bring Oink back. That said, lets face forward and not dwell in what the new sites "could" or "should be". Oink had a long running time and an experienced and dedicated crew. Let time decide.

Anonymous said...

Superb work Canapial!!!

Anonymous said...

Paine, taking the fun away from stealing music since 2007. Go join the RIAA or something, jerk.

Anonymous said...

You are fags.

Anonymous said...

haha Waffles is the best thing since OiNK.

7k users and 27k torrents. Fuck off noob Waffles has already real community going on there.

decadence said...

Feel teh paine! any site who claims to be OINK replacement is doomed at birth, it will never happen so lay of it all ready.

stephen t. c. said...

"Paine I have lost all respect for you and gained respect for the way waffles staff replied. they could of easily stooped to your level and didn't.

people are leaving comment here about staff acting like kids but in my opinion its every one here including you paine!
it should be about the music and the community and not flaming posts.

people don't jump on the band wagon! check waffles for yourself!"

1) They replied like that because they knew people were going to read it. Politicians love to cover their asses, we all do. If they had the chance too, I'm sure they would've e-mailed Paine a poorly worded and hate filled response.

2) Just because the people here are being childish doesn't mean that the waffles "staff" themselves weren't either. You'll soon discover that A LOT of the so called staff on the new sites are just in it for the fame/false sense of authority.

3) Waffles and What are both, in a sense, a bandwagon. Remember WebTV? A lot of these sites are going to end up just like it.

Anonymous said...

What's your problem? They're providing a service for free, and as it stands it's working pretty well for me and many others.

It's a little premature to judge a tracker after it's been running less than a couple of weeks.

I also don't really get why you've got such a bee in your bonnet about music piracy... it's bizarre.

Anonymous said...

don't drink and blogg

Anonymous said...

you hacked didn't you

DD said... has been owned all night.
Waffles hasn't been owned yet.

I still think this blog was the main fuel for the fire for this sql injection.

Irony at its best.

Luke said...

I don't know if any of you got the memo, but OiNK is dead. Dead dead. It's not coming back. Waffles and friends are trying to replicate it. So it's not perfect - cut them some slack, it's been TWO WEEKS. Furthermore, OiNK was OiNK, and that's it - no matter how hard anyone tries, they can't emulate it perfectly. Deal with it. Don't get me wrong- I loved OiNK, and when it was shut down, I felt like I lost a good friend. But the fact of the matter is that it is gone forever, and no amount of whining is going to bring it back. Take the hand you're dealt and roll with it.

arwmarshall said...

Paine - you rock! Fine work, and wise words indeed, sir

Anonymous said...

When is this stupid blog post going to be deleted.

It resulted in Paine being kicked off or quitting the blog he started anyhow..

This hurts the credibility of this blog big time. DELETE IT!

johndo said...

No site WILL EVER be like OiNK, but Waffles is, currently, as close as it gets.

Only time will tell if it is a true replacement.

Peace oot fanboyz.

costas said...

When you people going to realize and accept that Oink is "DEAD" -sad but true.
There will NEVER be a replacement.
It will take years for some other site to be even CLOSE to what Oink used to be.
I wish there was a faster way...
Maybe if someone really new (emails, user names, etc.) of Oink ex-users, had a chance of 50% to resurrect Oink (not replace) but no one does so...
We just have to live with it.

Anonymous said...

I actually quite enjoy waffles, they have friendly forums and a pretty good selection in the absence of OiNK. I'm also a member of stm too. I really think people need to quit whining and be glad that there are sites like what/whaffles/stm that have stepped up to take so many ex oinkers in.

Anonymous said...

God waffles seriously sucks. I mean, it really does. It's NEVER fucking working, not even just in this past week, I mean it is ALWAYS fucking down. All that fucking elitist pompous bullshit you find all over their forums is ridiculous, they are so retarded they are resorting to coloring contests when they should be figuring out temporary solutions to the tracker crisis they keep having over and over again.

I would feel so embarrassed if I actually DONATED to that shitty ass excuse for a wannabe OiNK site. When What gets Gazelle out it will be beating Waffles in every way, shape and form. All the elitists flocked to Waffles and just keep getting screwed, but their blind fanboyism for a retarded staff keeps them there.

God, how annoying has it been that for the past fucking like 20 weeks you can't even search the forums. What the fuck kind of excuse do you have for that one, as What seems to be doing just fine with their server. Me thinks some admins need to prioritize and think ahead of time. Jesus Christ at one point you couldn't even search Torrents.


Anonymous said...

Blogger DD said... has been owned all night.
Waffles hasn't been owned yet.

Waffles has been owned since day 1 in the non-functionality of the site. Normally this would be fine, if the users + staff wouldn't act like their fucking shitty ass excuse for a tracker is the second coming of christ.

Anonymous said...

Site overloaded
The site is temporarily overloaded. Please wait a minute or six before refreshing this page.
Hang in there for a few more days! The new server is being configured.

yeah you are used to that message if you are a waffles memember JESUS CHRIST! Seriously, FUCK waffles.

Denver Houses For Rent said...

viva EL OINK

Anonymous said...

LMAO, who the fuck cares? You're getting free music, QQ about the retarded politics.